Faux Friday - I Get A Kick Out Of You

It has been toooo long since my last post but with being at work and this unseasonal cold weather, I have to ashamedly admit that I haven't had the desire to be anywhere or do much but stay indoors snuggled up with my duvet,some old movies and tea. (My life is getting much too like a Bridget Jones movie - at the bad bits)

So my week, having not been that eventful involved the usual idol gossip at work (I also have a new crush stay tuned!) and a little bit of shopping to cheer me up and to remind myself that eventually (not soon enough) Spring WILL come!
I honestly can admit that I have a problem with self control, the problem being that I have none when it comes to payday and I have to buy the "equivalent of a lobotomy".
One of my biggest splurges was at Primark which really came as a surprise, as much as I love shopping for bargain buys; lately every time I walked into Primark I'd walk straight back out feeling disappointed, my purse was pretty smug about this.

Along with a million other necessities (tights, socks etc. - where else would you go for these?) I made an amazing discovery which I personally think made the whole shopping trip worth it. Vans for less. Much less!

Trainers - Primark (£6)

They're really good quality and unless you're purposely looking out for that little tag on the side you won't be able to tell the difference!
I'm also looking forward to doing some DIY with these, ever since I saw a pair of studded Vans a while back I've wanted my own pair but I just couldn't bring myself to spend so much money on a pair of shoes just to modify them. Now I can! Make sure you watch this space for a DIY post!

My feet will be very grateful for another pair of comfortable shoes instead of the usual sky-highs.

Hope you guys are enjoying the start of your long Easter weekend. We all have a free pass to indulge in as much chocolate as we possibly can, now that's a good weekend!


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