Oz, The Great and Powerful

(Be advised this post may contain spoilers!)

It had been a while since I had gone to see a film I really wanted to see at the cinema, I think the last movie I watched on the big screen was the disastrous "What To Expect When You're Expecting", suffice to say it was so terrible that one of my friends fell asleep half way through (I kid you not, Scout's honour!) and I felt like I was being held at gunpoint being forced to watch.

This past Wednesday afternoon me and the 'wife' decided to go to the movies for some quality time. I'd heard of the new film 'Oz, The Great and Powerful' just a couple of weeks ago, I was immediately enthusiastic, if you know me well, you'll know that I love everything to do with the tale of 'The Wizard of Oz'.

Photo hosted by Google.co.uk
Photo hosted by Google.co.uk
I find it amazing how so many versions of the tale have been made all from different points of view and they all seem to be just as enchanting and new. The only thing about the film that had me doubting how good it would really be was the choice of lead actor, even though I must say I am slightly partial, not being a big fan on James Franco and all (Yes, I did just say that).
Maybe I'm just used to seeing the likes of Johnny Depp and Danny Elfman play oddly whimsical characters that you would expect to see in these types of films.

The film was unexpected through and through which made it great to watch as you didn't find yourself predicting what would happen next.
Playing an underachieving and womanizing magician Oscar or "Oz" (James Franco) surprised even me, a non-believer, portraying the character of 'Oz' perfectly by bringing just the right amount of cheekiness and delusions of grandeur to the role. (Ok, I have to admit he can be very charming with a slicked side-part and dressed in a waistcoat suit.)

The film does not feature any of the other original characters from the original tale except for Glynda 'the Good witch' (Michelle Williams) and 'The not-so-good witches Evanora and Theodora (Rachel Weiss and Mila Kunis). Even though the original characters are very dear to me I was relieved to find that director (and magician! FYI!) Maestro Raimi decided to concentrate on new characters making the land of "Oz" more of a parallel universe to Oz's life as a poor Circus illusionist.

Photo hosted by Google.co.uk
Photo hosted by Google.co.uk
Using magic and trickery, 'mortal' Oz (Franco) dares to claim back the Land of Oz from the wicked witch Evanora, with the help from new fantasy-like creatures with whom you will fall-in-love with just as easily as you did the scare-crow with no brain and the tin man with no heart.

Photo hosted by Google.co.uk
Photo hosted by Google.co.uk
One of the best things about the film is the fashion, the costumes including Michelle Williams in Gingham and Mila Kunis' fabulous red velvet coat, wet look leggings and an amazing oversized fedora hat. She makes it so hard for you to dislike her (and who doesn't already love Mila Kunis? She's stunning!)

Franco wears a very handsome waistcoat suit with a top hat (now why can't all men dress like this?) and even the monkey has a cute bell boy outfit which makes him even more adorable. In true form Evanora (Rachel Weiss), the bad witch is covered in more sequins and feathers than you possibly dream of and the jewellery; necklaces and rings with magical powers would rival even Wonder Woman's.

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The end of the film is both predictable and unpredictable at the same time which left me a little unsatisfied but I guess that's the thing with the endings of films, you are never satisfied. You either don't like the ending or you don't like the fact that you don't get to know what happens after the "happily ever after". I won't say that the end was not a good one but maybe once again I might be partial as I wanted the brunette (Mila Kunis) to be the good one and get the guy in the end. Ok, ok, guilty as charged! But what kind of brunette would I be If I didn't?

All in all, I definitely recommend going to watch the film it's equally as enjoyable for both kids and adults alike and for all my fellow theatre and 'Wizard of Oz' fans out there then you'll undeniably enjoy getting to know what was going down before Dorothy came around.

Til' next time folks, hope you've enjoyed the show!
I'm off to buy a pet monkey and dress him up in a bell boy outfit.


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