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(Be advised, this post contains images with some moderate sexual content)

For the last week, laziness has literally installed itself in me and has caused me to behave somewhat like a hermit crab or a hibernating bear. Can you really blame me when what should be the first month of Spring has greeted us with (wait for it...) more snow! 
Cumon' England you're becoming a little repetitive and predictable now! 

I've honestly had enough of this cold, I just want to store my boots and winter coats away and not have to look at them for another few months. I decided to rebel against the cold and show it the metaphorical not-so-lady-like finger by wearing my new jumpsuit to this International Women's Day party on Saturday night. The party is held annually in honour of all women, to celebrate International Women's Day and to just have a big old-fashioned ladies' night (it's really more like a huge Hen party to be honest with you - but who's complaining!).

The party was co-hosted this year by my cousin and a friend and was held at a Portuguese restaurant 'Mar Azul' as most of the attendees are from the Portuguese community here in London and just like with any other culture; more often than we should, we never really break from our comfort zone. The night consisted of a three course meal, live music and of course two male strippers as a cherry on the icing. Decorations and cakes were all fitting to the event and so were half of the women who attended, who seemed like they had just come back from a deserted island where men did not exist. With velcro-like hands they would pounce on every waiter, barman, photographer and the musician (I have a new found respect for men - after all the female population almost doubles the male in this country, at least that what it seems like).

The jumpsuit I wore was a beauty I bought from work, the very moment it came in I fell in love. I snagged up a size 8 and 10 (it's so annoying being between sizes!) tried it on and bagged it immediately. Lucky I did as it sold out within only 2 weeks of coming in store! 
The thing I love most about it is the colour, the silk-like fabric made the blue colour seem so rich that I honestly thought it would be much more expensive than it was. 

Don't you just love it when something looks so much more expensive than it actually is?

The print is not too full-on but enough to give it a little added 'je ne sais quoi' and I just adore the 70's inspired shape with palazzo-style legs and a very flattering back. You'll probably be calling me crazy for wearing this so soon and especially in this weather but I just couldn't resist!

P.S Be assured there were strippers but I'm pretty I can't post the pictures I have as they are every bit as explicit as a playboy magazine! It was a wild night!

Jumpsuit - Topshop (Sold Out)
Wedges - Topshop (Old)
YSL Clutch 'Doppleganger' - eBay

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