Faux Friday - Milano Love Affair

It is of my understanding that every girl is a fan of Chanel, even if they cannot admit it or if they claim that Chanel is 'just not my style', deep down we all love a bit of Chanel. Is there anything Chanel does wrong? 
From their captivating scents and their signature quilted shoulder bags to their gigantic circle bags and plastic hard case clutches, Chanel can be equally classic and rule breaking with their innovative fashion. It comes as no surprise that one of the biggest fashion brands of the world is also one of the most inspiring to fashion insiders, fashion enthusiasts and high street fashion chains alike. Sending the most beautiful designs down intricate and thoroughly thought through (try saying that 5 times in row!) runways every Summer and Winter, a bit of Chanel can always be seen here and there on the high street, be it on a fashion student's DIY outfit or accessories or hanging from the rails in Zara and Topshop.

My latest find was an absolute dream as I'd been in love with Chanel's Toe Cap ballerina pumps since I'd first spotted them on a fellow blogger. I had also been meaning to buy myself a comfortable and stylish pair of nude pumps that would look casual but were still enough to make an outfit an outfit (if that makes sense).

These 'Milano' pumps (I love how the name automatically makes you want to put these on your feet - a little bit of Italy is what every girl needs!) are from Topshop and for only £28 you can probably afford to be crazy enough to buy them in both Nude/Black and the all Black ones too. I settled for only the Nude ones as I already own too many pairs of Black pumps but aren't they amazing?

The only thing they are missing are the Chanel emblem on the toe however, not to say that I wouldn't love a pair of the 'real deal', I think I like these better as the bows with the little metal 'cube' ends make them so much cuter!

'Milano' Toe Cap Ballerina Pumps - Topshop

I couldn't resist taking them out for the first time today... This is one love affair that shows no signs of weakness!

Well Bambinos, what do you think? Chanel-worthy or not?


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