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Whenever you hear about recycling and environmentally friendly concepts, we always tend to attach to these, connotations of dullness and complication, more a chore rather than something you'll enjoy doing. Fear not, H&M will make all your recycling woes go away!

The Swedish fashion giant has been commended for its innovative 'Conscious' collections consisting of clothing produced entirely of recycled/organic materials and for affordable prices too. Their latest 'Concious' collection, released last week, has been their most successful yet; with the collection consisting of exotic jungle prints, lemon hues and bejewelled khaki pieces all beautifully worn by French model Vanessa Paradis in their Spring campaign.

Photo hosted by Google.co.uk
Photo hosted by Google.co.uk
Photo hosted by Google.co.uk

As if bringing a new enviro-friendly concept to the fashion scene was not enough, H&M is already a step ahead by making recycling your clothes fashionable and fun!

How so, you ask?

You can now trade in your old unwanted clothes for money contributing to your next shopping spree! As part of their whole 'Conscious' concept H&M are offering customers the chance to get rid of their unwanted clothes in exchange for vouchers to spend in their store.
For every bag of clothes you take in you get a £5 voucher to spend in store, you can take in a maximum of two bags at a time into any store in the UK, hand them in at the cash desk and hey presto! Value for the old that was taking up much needed space for the new!

H&M's Earth-friendly collection has received such positive reaction from the fashion world and shoppers alike, that they are set to launch a further extension to the organic collection, the Exclusive 'Conscious' Party Line available for men and women. The line will include prom worthy frocks, evening dresses, soft tailoring and structured accents.

"This collection has pure glamour and style and is made from more sustainable materials. For us at H&M, it's natural to think about sustainability and to have it at the heart of our work." 
Ann-Sofie Johansson, H&M's Head of Design.
Photos hosted by Vogue.com
LOVE the jumpsuit and the dress on the right (someone say Balenciaga?)
My favourite is the dusty pink prom dress with the matching clutch, tres cute? No?

I'm stuck at home all day today whilst they're fitting our bathroom with a new tub so I'm gutting out my wardrobe of all the clothes I no longer wear. It always feels good to do good, especially when you get a shopping trip in return ;)

In honour of the first day of Spring and in light of absense of a more a 'Spring-like' climate, take advantage to give your wardrobes a 'spring' cleaning and treat yourselves to a new outfit!


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