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Rome Day Two Outfit

Rome was so pleasantly sunny during the day but I kid you not when I say, it is not only the British sun that can be deceptive. Although we got to experience what it was like to actually require sunglasses in the Winter and finally get to the bottom of the mystery of "What are those people doing wearing sunglasses in the winter?!", Rome was much colder than I'd imagine it to be. I wasn't expecting enough to pack a bikini and short shorts but I also wasn't expecting to miss my fur-lined winter coats. Of course, I had packed all the wrong things (once again!)

On the second day of our Rome-ing (*pauses for laughter... crickets*) I decided to wear my lovely Zara Paisley print pijama pants (enough tongue twisters now!), which I was lucky enough to find in the sale and bought for only £14! Steal right?

Note: A tip to every Zara shopper out there, even if they tell you it's gone, sold out, never to be seen again, don't believe them and continue hoping!

I tried these pants on the very first time they came into stores and was indecisive whether to get them or another tile print pair (also pijama-style) that I also loved as they were similar to the Prada ones. I ended up taking the obligatory fitting room mirror picture and leaving the decision to my friends, when I'd finally decided I wanted to go with the paisley print, Zara had 'sold out'.

Bearing in mind this was late summer time last year, you can imagine my surprise when I found the last pair and in my size, in the smallest Zara store on Oxford Street in the Christmas sales. I'll just skip the part where I lunge, climb, scrape across the crowds to make sure they were mine. Needless to say it was worthy of a typical blockbuster slow-mo 'cat-fight' scene.

They were totally worth the trouble as I love them so. They're super comfy, being made of almost pure silk and the print and colour are just gorgeous. Shame they have to be worn in warmer weather to truly be appreciated though. (My legs were very cold by the end of the day)

On the day I also wore my new jacket from Primark, which I picked up because of it's hints of Burberry Prorsum. Obviously not the same thing but the mixing of rippled leather and nude tones are definitely something you'd spot on Jordun Dunn on a Burberry P billboard. I found it a quite nice addition to my spring wardrobe as it has a casual look to it but with an edge, very rock chic, no?

Some are blessed with photogenics - I only look decent when I make faces.

Paisley print pijama pants - Zara(sale) - Similar HERE
Leather Panel Biker Jacket - Primark
'Bowie' Wedge Trainers - ASH
Black Cami Top - Topshop
Spike Necklace - Primark
Alexander Wang 'Kirsten' Bag 'Doppelganger' - eBay 

Sorry about the delayed outfit posts but I've been battling this horrible flu so no fab looking outfit pics for me lately, just tissues, cough syrup and lots of bed rest.

Hope you're enjoying reading. Wishing you bambinos a fab weekend.


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