Une Affaire Français

After a week of non-stop work I decided I deserved a treat, so Friday I slept in and then headed over to King's Road to have a little catch up with my cousin. We took a little trip to the Harrods Dior Exhibition, weaving in and out of the residential roads of Chelsea. I just love walking by the semi-detached houses with black fences and checkered marble doorsteps (I like to imagine myself living in one of them one day).

Entering the much acclaimed Dior exhibition with a big "wow"! You will be greeted by a friendly Harrods employee, being instantly captured by a gorgeously lit giant doll house in which you could spot silhouettes of 'Dior' women behind closed curtains and miniature furniture along with Dior perfume bottles through very Parisian-like windows and balconies.

The exhibition is a fascinating showcase of the French brand's evolution throughout the decades, showcasing sketches, couture, designs and even documents up to 60 years old that have put Dior in the highest ranking of luxury designer names.

Perhaps the most watched and most famously known Dior TV advert is the J'Adore Scent ad featuring actress and model Charlize Theron and to many fashion lovers' delight the actual dress worn in the advert is on display at just a touches distance surrounded by a decadent looking floor display, replenished of J'Adore perfume bottles.

The most fascinating part (or shall I say parts) of the exhibition were the miniture versions of Dior couture gowns and the original gowns worn by the ultimate female icons of high fashion and high society; Princess Diana, Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor among other more contemporary names such as Jennifer Lawrence and Natalie Portman. My absolute favourites (it's impossible to choose just one!) would be the miniature wedding gown, a beaded bubble hem dress worn by Audrey Hepburn and the star of the show; a modern spin of couture by Dior 'geniale' Raf Simons, a breathtaking and intricate applique gown seemingly floating in front of you, a true hand sewn dream!

Decadence and luxury are the words that best describe the exhibition as a whole as every little part of it makes you feel like you've left totally enriched (the Dior tote bag will come eventually!) I definitely recommend it if you are a fellow fashion lover or enthusiast and if not why not expand your horizons? It won't cost you anything after all...


 Whilst I was out I got my cousin to snap some outfit pictures for me so I could share with you guys. Apparently I looked like a French mime, que pensez-vous?

Coat - Topshop (AW'12)
Jumpsuit - Topshop (Sold Out)
Striped Jersey Top - H&M (old)
Brogues - Primark
Proenza Schouler PS1 'Doppleganger' Bag - eBay
Hat - Topshop


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