Come and Rome with us...

Just a little update on the first of my Rome outfits for you guys. 

I had wanted these monochrome striped jeans since last year when Motel Rocks first had them in but my friends discouraged me from getting them arguing that:
1. I wouldn't really wear them much 
2. Everyone would have them.

Ok... so maybe they were right about the latter but I do love stripes, I tend to over-use them actually. Another plus is that the monochrome trend for this Spring/Summer is one of my favourites and definitely easier for me to work it in with my work outfits (work outfits can be a pain having to be restricted to only 2 colours). Oh when will I have a job which gives me the fashion freedom pass?
The ones I'm wearing in the picture are actually a really similar cheaper alternative to the MotelRocks Jordan Jean but I wouldn't really blame you if you paid that extra bit for the MotelRocks pair, they are amazing!

Faux Celine T-shirt - eBay
Striped Leigh Jeans - Topshop
Spike Arrow Necklace - Topshop (Also available in Gold)
Converse Leather Hi Tops - Office
Sunglasses - Rayban 'Wayfarer'
Faux Alexander Wang 'Kirsten' Satchel Bag - eBay

The faux 'Celine' t-shirt (yes I'm not a rockafella to be buying the real deal as of yet!) was yet another amazing find courtesy of trusty eBay, which is quickly becoming the fashion market of the world. I absolutely love this t-shirt; not only for the obvious reason of the designer brand name spread across the front making everyone think twice and question whether or not I'd have the means for something like that, just like Ms Gwen Stefani, every girl wouldn't mind being mistaken for a 'rich girl' (minus the snobbish 'tude' of course). No, I also like it just because of it's simplicity and ability to take any one outfit and give it an effortless laid-back look.

Without a doubt I've been doing most of my shopping on eBay and less shopping anywhere else, having bought at least 10 different things from there last month alone (don't judge me, they were all pretty cheap). With designer replicas, on trend fashion and great bargains, why not trade the freezing cold, high street struggle for the comfort of your home, a cuppa tea and your laptop?

Any recent eBay finds you're particularly proud of? 

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Oh... and go! be bargain hunters! You'll thank me later ;)


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