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I apologise for going mute this past week, as you can imagine it's probably one of the busiest weeks of the year in the fashion industry and it's no exception at the Sass & Bide studios, where preparations for Friday were well under way.

The week started off with the whole Sass and Bide team flying in from Australia, including the lovely Heidi Middleton (Bide) whom I can honestly say is one of the nicest people I have had the pleasure of meeting. Sarah-Jane (Sass) didn't join us until Wednesday; it was equally amazing to meet the other half of the the dynamic duo, whom I have to add have fantastic taste and style, sporting the best of their latest collection.

It was all very fascinating, to the point where I couldn't help but stare so much it was bordering on stalker-like behaviour. Watching the casting director see an unending list of tall, fresh faced models all in a matter of a couple of hours; making them do practice walks and snapping quick prolific pictures, it was all absolutely surreal, I never expected it to be such a touch and go process. Some models had up to 25 castings per day!

The studio had four areas to it, Communications, casting, styling and tailoring, everyone had their own little workstation and buzzed around busily whilst they all got on with their day. It was all very go,go,go and I'm still pinching myself expecting to wake up from a dream...

Throughout the week I got to help with different aspects of bringing the show together and I also got the opportunity of meeting and working with a team of really fantastic and incredibly able people including Tony, Sass and Bide's head of design. He would draw, cut and make a top, skirt and clutch in the space of a only few hours, the man is a sewing and design legend! If only we could all have a 'Tony' at our 'beck'n'call'.

Friday was finally upon us and the show, which took place at the beautiful St.John's Church in Westminster, was like a dream come true. Sitting FROW was my ultimate style icon Olivia Palermo wearing a Sass and Bide Cape as flawlessly as a cape could ever be worn. Pixie Lott, Millie Mackintosh and Caroline Flack also attended, amongst other big names in the fashion and music industry. I found myself having to pinch myself a thousand times as I was lucky enough to sit FROW also, provided it was on the upper balcony but this gave me a better view than I'd ever expect to get at my very first big fashion show. As everyone settled and the bright lights came on, the models started to pour out from backstage to the sound of drum n bass beats and rack city lyrics (music selected by Sass and Bide themselves! Aren't the just the coolest ever?!).

It was all over in just 20 minutes (I don't know why but I was very surprised by this!) it's very surreal how something that requires weeks and months of preparation is over in under half an hour but I guess that's fashion ey!

I could not be more proud of having been a part of the final result of such a fabulous collection and I'm sure I would be at a loss if a hadn't have met all these wonderful people along the way . Here are numerous iPhone snaps of all the pre-show prep leading up to the grand event and also the complete Sass and Bide Fall 2013 collection 'Winter Gate'.

Our schedule board

Last two collections 'Loveshady' (above) and 'Playman Resort' (below)

New collection 'Winter Gate' when it first arrived! I loved the futuristic LBD (right)

 The Casting Director Adam (right) and his assistant Pablo (left)

The 'perfect man' and Sass and Bide's Head of Design, Tony. He is amazingly talented and every girl's dream, he could take up your hems, cinch in your waists and make a new skirt/top/pair of trousers in any lush fabric for you in under a day! Safe to say I am in awe and I wanted to take him home with me.

Just one day left til the show!

Got to spray paint one of the belts used on the runway, a sunshine yellow! Ironically it was such a miserable day weather wise. I helped! :)

Me with Sass and Bide (Oh-Emm-Gee!!) 

It's show time! Hair stylists, make-up artists and nail technicians start pouring in along with the casually dressed models.

How many stylists/make-up artist does it take to make a model runway ready?  
4 apparently!

Spotted Yawn! Did someone not get her beauty sleep last night?

Sass and Bide being interviewed about their newest collection, they both looked absolutely fab on the night.

Better be on the look out boys and girls! Seems as if this blogger might be appearing on BBC Worldwide doing what I do best, eating! 

Chandeliers seemed to be have the decor piece of the moment at most fashion shows this month.

How regal!

A very blurry Olivia Palermo (right) - I LOVE her!

Proud member of the Sass and Bide 'Family' 

See the complete S&B 'Winter Gate' collection HERE and the runway video HERE.
Thanks for reading bambinos and I hope you've enjoyed fashion week as much as I have. Andiamos Milano!


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