February Lustings

Ciao bambinos!

Anyone else think, where the heck did January go? 

The first month of 2013 saw a fluffy blank white canvas of snow cover the entire country and everyone seems to have enjoyed the colder weather with everyone posting pictures of family days making snow angels and outfits demonstrating the best ways to keep warm by fishing out your wellies, draping on the faux furs and of course layering, layering, layering!

With the beginning of the new month, the snow has cleared almost everywhere and the weather no longer makes us want to stay in and sit by the fire with some hot coco for company. Even though we are still a long way away from those coveted days of lying in Hyde Park under the warm sun, no one can deny that the new Spring fashion lines definitely give us something to look forward to and I for one have already given in to the delightful Spring hues and prints.

I wish I could buy out the entire stores but one must have some self control, so I have shortlisted these beauts for my February wish list.

3. Topshop Neon Shard Chain Necklace
4. Topshop Toecap Ballerina Flats (Very similar to the Chanel toecap pumps, don'cha think?)
9. Topshop Gold Collar Necklace
12. Topshop Ashaya Boot  (SOLD OUT!) :'''(

What's on your wish list this month?


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