Friday Fauxs - A Mile In Miu Moccasins

When it comes to flats I can be very fussy as to what I choose to wear so I find myself always going for comfortable loafers, slippers or moccasins if I'm wearing something more dressy, if not then I always depend on my trusty converse. Flats may seems like the most comfortable option when it comes to measuring up all styles of footwear but we girls know this isn't always the case.

I do love ballerina flats as they are so flattering, they truly make your feet look like they belong on a stage dancing to a beautiful piece of music. However the fact that are so flat and have a barely-there sole means that walking on the uneven streets of London make your feet just as tired as they would be after a few hours in platform heels. A flat shoe with a thicker sole makes that much more of a difference to making it a comfortable pair of shoes.

My last pair of smarter looking flats (beloved pair of brown moccasins from Primark, i loved them so...) had given up on life, so I started to have a look around the high street to see if I could find anything similar. I remember it was Spring time last year when I first spotted the most gorgeous pair of patent Moccasins in the preview for Miu Miu's Autumn/Winter'12  collection and since then I've dreamt of adorning my feet with those beauties... or at least the next best thing...

When I found these fab lookalikes on eBay, I didn't even think twice and bought myself a pair before it was too late!

Thinking of pairing these up with a preppy 'Blair Waldorf' inspired outfit.
So bambinos... what do you think, would you walk a mile in these?


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