A little bit of Sass!

It was the end of last week when I received an email that made this year the best year yet. The previous week I had sent out a bunch of emails to a list of fashion designers in the hope that one of them would be so kind, as to offer a poor fashion addict and aspiring stylist like myself an internship or job helping them out with their upcoming shows at London Fashion Week.
I emailed so many, I tried to keep positive and tell myself, "at least one will email you back with good news" and it seems my positivity paid off!

The reply I got was an offer to intern for one of the most amazing fashion designer brands, Sass and Bide! I literally jumped around my room with glee and answered the email as quickly as I could! (I've missed out on good opportunities before because I waited too long - not this time!)

A week has passed and I am absolutely loving every tiny detail of the job, even steaming! (Turns out I'm a fantastic steamer! Who would of known when im so lousy at ironing my own clothes). I love the people I'm working with and most of all I'm loving the new fall collection, it is absolutely gorgeous and the accessories are so amazing I can't bring myself to pick a favourite. I won't reveal anything else though because as of this coming Friday you will see for yourselves, plus I don't think Sarah-Jane and Heidi would approve of taddling.

As a bonus I get to do all this in one of my favourite parts of London, Old Street, It's a hop, skip and a jump away from Brick Lane, Shoreditch High Street and Liverpool Street. I love this part of London so much as you can truly see London oozing creativity through the street fashion, quaint era diners and vintage coffee shops and (my favourite) the empty car parks, brick walls and store shutters covered with the coolest urban art.

Here are some pictures of my week. Anyone else having a really awesome February so far?


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