Silk Flower Bouquets

It's been a busy couple of weeks lately with my brain and interview skills working overtime. Anyone who has had to job hunt knows how tedious and long-winded the whole process can be but it can also give you that good kind of high where you have so much to do and prepare for that you feel like you are making progress and being productive, instead of just sitting on the sofa watching lousy day-time TV. 

I have to admit I'm not exactly an ace at interviews, I normally get really nervous, the more I want the job the more nervous I get which normally works against me but hopefully I'll be getting back to you on this subject with very good news soon.

Interviews are also normally quite restrictive fashion wise, it does depend on what job you are interviewing for but more than often you are subjected to the smart trousers, clean crisp collared shirts, boring blazers and footwear look. It may be fun to dress all smart/sexy from time to time but given the choice, my dream job would be a job where I can express my personal style and I'm sure this applies to many of you too.

This outfit was a spring-of-the-moment decision for my interviews last week and it seemed to have worked very well in my favour. I bought these silk floral Palazzo trousers in the Topshop sale two years ago and had never been brave enough to wear them and quite frankly they had become a buried treasure in my wardrobe until last week. Maybe I just needed to work up the courage to be so bold as to step outdoors in such a statement piece but when I did I loved it, true they may not be the most practical pair of trousers but they looked great and they'll probably be used and used all throughout Spring!

My nerves may have got the better of me but fashion may have just saved my poor nerve wrecked tush!

 So if any of you have that one thing that you've always been afraid to take out of the closet and onto the 'concrete runway', I say GO FOR IT! You never know it may the best fashion decision you've ever made.


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