Stick vs Stain

If you don't know this already, let me tell you that I am not the biggest beauty buff, I may have grown out of my early teen tom-boy phase and swapped my nikes in for pumps, heels and dresses but as far as hair and make-up are concerned, somewhere along the way I seemed to have missed the 'cosmetic' gene that most girl possess. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying I don't know how to apply the simplest of make-up (mascara and a bit of lip gloss are my go-to dailies) or curl my hair with a trusted pair of curling tongs but on attempting anything further than that, you'll more than likely catch me looking like a circus freak or rag doll a little girl has decided to demonstrate her artistic abilities on. 

Up until now this didn't really bother me but I thought it was about time I started to put in at least half of the effort I spend on my wardrobe into my beauty regime. So now I have a new found appreciation and a slight admiration for all these beauty gurus on Youtube whom have already helped me more than they can possibly imagine and for that I thank them all and subscribe to their channels.

One thing I do love is lipstick, I do wish I had fuller lips (but we won't go down that road) but I love the instant lift it can give your look, whether it's a demure pink shade to carry you through the day or a darker or deeper hue of red for the night, it is the ultimate beauty up lift! As you can imagine, for a cosmetically-challenged girl like me it takes a great amount of effort and time to get my lip line and lipstick right (I never use a lip liner! I know I know, Naughty me!) so spending all this time to then have it rub off with the first drink/meal of the day and having to re-apply over and over can be a little annoying and tedious. 

I'd started to become a little lazy and eventually gave up on lipstick until one day when I was introduced to the wonder that is Sephora Lip Stain. It was a gorgeous bright red that gave an all black work outfit the much needed life it was missing, so much so that I had to stop and this girl to ask where she had bought this amazing lipstick. She beamingly thanked me and to my surprise told me it was not lipstick but lip stain! 

Unfortunately she had bought it from Sephora, whom unfortunately have yet to open a much needed and awaited store in the UK. Evidently, not wanting to accept defeat, even though this Sephora miracle has the best reviews, I decided to research the next best thing... I ended up starting with a more economical alternative from Sleek's make-up range for only £5 and so far I have very few complaints, more like just one tiny one but for £5 this is almost expected. Aside from leaving your lips a bit dry but not TOO dry, lip stain is perfect if you like that matted look, it lasts longer (but still not long enough) and it is also much more easier to apply having an applicator wand just like that of lip gloss, I won't say it is a mirror-free application but nonetheless a big improvement on time saving in comparison to lip stick!

Sleek Make-Up Matte Me Lip Cream

Here are a few others on my wishlist (various colours available in all)

1. Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain
2. Benefit Benetint Lip & Cheek Stain
3. Saint Laurent Glossy Stain
4. Victoria's Secret Colour Lust Glossy Lip Stain
5. Victoria's Secret Pout Lip Stain
6. Lime Crime Lip Stain

By the way in case you didn't catch it, that was a big hint that you guys at Sephora should open a store here in London pronto! 
Shall we sign a petition girls?

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