Winter Wardrobe Staple : Le Pullover

Every season has it's star player and this isn't only true of sports but of fashion too. Each season, like creatures of habit we always tend to have that one item of clothing that we cling to and this season is no different. 
Only one month into Fall, I have already picked the chosen one, my indispensible for the colder months ahead, the one who'll add both comfort and fashion to my daily looks, the jumper. 

Coming from a self confessed cardigan loather, I am a bit biased towards the beloved jumper but I have a feeling I'm not the only one... 
Making it to the frontline of many designers' fall catwalk collections, there's no wonder everyone is lining their drawers with the season's most versatile and fashionable staple.

Who better than Givenchy to know how to make the jumper into a statement piece by adding an image only Tisci can make iconic. Last season, the ubiquitous Rottweiler printed on T-shirts and leather clutches had fashion lovers and celebrities alike in a frenzy and this season he's done it again! 
Making Disney something adults can indulge in once again without feeling ridiculous, Tisci's 'Bambi' print designs have jumped right off the catwalks and into celeb must-haves. With the likes of Amanda Seyfried; Elle Fanning and Lily Collins already having given in to the 'hype', it's no wonder the rest of us poor mere mortals are left sobbing at the 'SOLD OUT' notices posted on every stockists' website!
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I do hope Tisci has it in his heart to not break thousands of hearts around the world and send in an order for a few more to be made. 
Get ready for those letters Santa!

Have you guys picked your Winter wardrobe staple?

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