Do the Monster Mash

As far as I can tell many of us (mainly those of you who are fellow Londoners) do not seem to be that happy with the changes that October has brung with it. Not only has it turned from warm to freezing cold in under a London minute (yes! I  am changing it! S'got a ring to it don't'cha think?); October for most means suffering from those post holiday blues and *sobs* marks the end of the hustle and bustle of fashion week month. 

Despite all these things, I say we cannot fret and pout but instead spend all this energy on finding the best way to look the part at the scariest "holiday" of the year and maybe even host a garish Halloween party yourself! 


I for one, do not like to say I celebrate Halloween but I enjoy the fact that it provides the opportunity for all people, big and little, to have some fun and just be silly about dark and deadly things, both real and fictional!  

True to form, like any other of it's kind, Autumn's most celebrated holiday is not only fun and ghastly games but also it takes time and money to look good whilst also looking scary. There's always the "everyone always goes as ..." dilemma and the "girls just want to look like ..." generalisation but I say that we girls can bury these stereotypes and needless problems behind us and make Halloween fashionable!

I do realise that for many of you girls it's important to look good whilst playing into the whole Halloween idea, I know this because I'm completely the same and so because of this I've put special little something's for you ladies...

Here are some originally Halloween looks I've put together for you fellow Halloween bug-bitten ladies.  

Play Jack Skellington's girl for the night in Topshop's spooky lookin' x-ray print.

Go out breaking hearts by dressing up as Alice in Wonderland's tyranic Queen.

Kick up a storm in Kenzo's Lightning print and electric accessories!

Give Batman a run for his money or maybe just hope Christian Bale will come swooping down to save you in a dyer situation!

Play the deadly yet irresistable Poison Ivy and test just how strong-willed those superheroes can be.

I have not forgotten you ladies out there who prefer to skip the costumes and like to have fun with Halloween by adding those little subtle additions to your outfit. You can still get that sultry vamp look by adding a cool Charlotte Olympia 'fangs' clutch, some cool nail art or a dark hue for the lips, either way you should definitely have a little fun with it!

Go forth and trick and tweet my gorgeous ghouls!

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