Welcome back old friend...

With autumn arriving in all its ‘rain clad’ glory, it’s time to bid farewell to our sandals and shorts and say hello to the familiar ankle boots and comfy knitwear (which, let's face it, are really always on standby in a British girl's wardrobe). Call me crazy but to be totally honest with you; although I am the biggest fan of summer and longer days, I have been ready to welcome the cold seasons with open arms for weeks now. Maybe it’s the excitement of seeing the new trends start to rear their heads on the streets of London, maybe it’s because all the good shows come back on or maybe it’s because you know that there’s not so long until Christmas comes around!

There will always be those things that you love, that are unique to the colder seasons. Things like Christmas, Bonfire Night, Thanksgiving and curling up in bed with a cup of tea whilst it pours down with rain outside. So before I say one last goodbye to you Summer, here are a few of the great memories we made together this year…

(Cue ‘Bye Bye baby’ by the Bay City Rollers)

What are you favourite things about Autumn?

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