Friday Fauxs - Winter Tan

I used to have this satchel bag that I used to be crazy about, so much so that I ended up using it so much that it lasted me a little over a year until it gave up and started to come apart.

So for a while now, a nice tan coloured leather satchel bag has been at the top of my wish list. The search has gone on longer than I'd expected, naturally it doesn't really help that I happen to be the pickiest person when it comes to the littlest details, although I prefer to see the glass as half full and call myself a perfectionist.
I wanted a good size, big enough to fit Vogue inside without having to bend it (one of my pet peeves!) but not so big that it looks like I'm going into hibernation until the sun decides to return. Choosing the right colour was also very important (sometimes you get these not-so-nice shades of tan) and I wanted all this without having to take out a loan for a new bag.

Of course I already had two (dream) choices on my wishlist, the Proenza Schouler PS1 or the 15-inch Cambridge Satchel. Both are amazing but let's face it; easy on the eyes, not so easy on the bank balance, one more so than the other. I'd almost given up on my search for the perfect satchel when a light beamed down onto my style woes and led the way to this unbelievable find! A faux suede Proenza PS1, just the right size and just the right colour. 

I felt like Goldilocks... before the bears came back home.

Yes... yes... that is a stain you can almost spot on the front. I'm normally really  REALLY careful with my stuff, old or new, especially if it's my clothes/bags/shoes and this went and happened the second day I took it out. Have you ever had that happen to you? 
Sucks right!


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