DKNY Circa 'The Earlier Years'

Just a brief post today bambinos!

For a while now I've had this gem stashed away in storage and have NEVER, EVER used it and considering it is an authentic DKNY it's a real shame that it has not been taken out and given the undivided attention it deserves.

I received this DKNY handbag from Mum a few years back but silly me I didn't take it back to exchange, even knowing I never use anything not borderline on nomad-like (I have to be able to live out of my bag basically). It's a gorgeous bag and timeless too as it's black and only features detail of embossed DKNY letters all over the bag.

I have listed it on eBay if you want to find out a little more info and want to adopt this adorable castaway.

Please have a look and even if you think it's not your taste or not your size, maybe you could buy as a gift for a special someone or suggest it to someone you'd know would love it!

Thanking you :)


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